For Onyx

Available in Slab 1700x2500mm & tile,

Supply monthly 1500 Square Meter

to choose Slab in Book match and 4 match just connect to us.


White Onyx

Green Onyx

Pearl Onyx

Green Onyx

Green Ripple Onyx



For Marbles

Available in Slab 1700x2700mm & tile,

Supply monthly 5000 to 15000 Square Meter

to choose Slab in Book match  just connect to us.

Book match Available for Syman, Pietra grey, & White wind.





For Granite

Available in Slab 1700x2700mm, & tile,

Supply monthly 5000  Square Meter.



Download Full Catalog 2018 Russian Edition

Download Full Catalog 2018 English Edition